Significant results remote school

22 September 2021

Since starting the covid-19 health crisis in March, we made the unplanned transition to remote learning. The world has forced to move from classroom lessons to distance education programs. Faced with the difficulties of this new experience, the teaching staff, the parents, and the students showed a conscious collaboration, a good interaction, and a will to succeed.

Unprecedented experience for teachers

Faced with the need to maintain educational continuity, remote learning and online education have proven essential during the pandemic. And teachers, as the leading players in the education system, have shown efficiency and have made commendable efforts to design varied distance courses and activities adapted to distance education. We wish to take the time to thank them for their support and for their dedication to ensuring a high quality of training.

The primordial role of parents

Parents and guardians played a significant role in making virtual learning work. They, torn between their remote day job and supporting their children, are thanked for their continuous efforts.


The students were up to the challenge. They collaborated effectively with their teachers and followed their recommendations as well as the advice of their parents. We applaud the students for excelling in their school year while respecting health measures like social distancing, wearing mask and hand disinfection.

Successful experience, but what are its advantages?

The implementation for the first time of remote learning widened the scope of possibilities for improving educational programs. It has made it possible to tap into the educational resources offered by digital tools and make learning more creative, interesting, engaging, and interactive. Likewise, distance learning has saved both teacher and learner time (commuting time to school) and taught the student many time management and elaboration skills. Of research and individual work, a sense of responsibility, and take advantage of technological tools such as educational applications, videoconferencing platforms, and others by integrating them into school and university programs.
The year was a challenge for teaching, and thanks to the efforts of teachers, parents, and students, the experience was fruitful, and success today is a collective pride.