Académie Marie-Claire’s services largely surpass the other school’s offering. The quality of its varied and balanced meals has become legendary.
In addition, teachers are available after the end of regular classes to offer assistance to students in completing their homework and studying their subjects. A day care service is also offered by qualified and experienced educators.
Students can purchase school supplies and uniforms directly from the Academy.

After School Program

At the end of the school day, students can opt to stay after school to receive additional help from teachers with homework and studies. This is a key and distinguishing element of the Académie Marie-Claire’s offering and a testimony of the Academy’s dedication to children.


Académie Marie-Claire’s cafeteria offers balanced and delicious meals and snacks. The ingredients are fresh, and meals are prepared daily by the Academy’s cooks. A hot lunch, consisting of an entrée, a main course and a dessert, is served to the students every day along with a snack in the afternoon.

Please refer to our weekly meal plan.

Educational materials

Educational materials such as books and workbooks are provided by the Académie Marie-Claire. School supplies must be provided by parents and can be ordered from the Académie Marie-Claire. A list of required school supplies including prices is available at reception.


Students must wear the complete Académie Marie-Claire’s uniform and, for their gym class, the gym uniform. Shoes should be laceless and with soles that do not leave black marks on the floor.

La Maison Lemira is the official supplier of Académie Marie-Claire’s uniform and shoes. A list of material including the prices is available at the Academy’s reception desk.


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