The entire educational philosophy of the Académie Marie-Claire is expressed
in the few words that make up our motto:

Aim Higher, Aim Further

Académie Marie-Claire is a private school that offers, in preschool and at the elementary and secondary level, high-quality bilingual education that exceeds expected standards by including in its enriched program, courses in science, computer science and access to learning a third language from kindergarten and throughout primary and secondary school.

We set ourselves apart with our unique approach to teaching. Académie Marie-Claire program is departmentalized. Each subject is taught by a “specialist”. The concept of a “home” classroom under the responsibility of a single teacher in the traditional sense does not exist. This distinction brings a crucial and fundamental nuance that crystallizes the approach to education from preschool to high school.

English and French are naturally our priority so that bilingualism is acquired quickly and perfectly by all our students. Our programs are designed to cultivate an appreciation of the sciences and the arts in our students and to develop a passion for sports and healthy lifestyles. We give our teaching an international vocation by offering from kindergarten the discovery of several languages ​​and, through the human sciences, a real openness to the world.

At Académie Marie-Claire, our educational programs will help your child succeed today and be ready to overcome the challenges of tomorrow in a competitive world driven by progress and technology:

  • Educational technology program (including preschool and kindergarten)
  • Interactive board in each classroom
  • Laptops in upper level classes
  • Decentralized library system
  • Electronic research library
  • Reading program
  • Leadership program

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