The history of the Marie-Claire Academy is a story about perseverance and resourcefulness. The school’s founder, Marie-Claire Martin, has always been guided by her profound love for children and driven by her passion for high-quality education.

The history of our school starts in 1981, when Marie-Claire Martin was caring for children in her first daycare. There, the children had lesson plans, lots of fun and a great homemade meal. They were also exposed to the arts and benefitted from a more stimulating environment that nourished both body and spirit. It was from there that Marie-Claire was inspired to raise the bar in educational programs that were offered to children and improve the quality of work associated with her name.

In 1992, Marie-Claire opened the first kindergarten class. Motivated by the demands of parents who wanted their children to evolve in a nurturing environment, Marie-Claire’s Kindergarten School was built — at her home — in 1995. In 1997, the construction of Marie-Claire Academy began.

Marie-Claire Academy launched the second phase of development in the 2000s, when technology became an integral part of the program. In early 2005, the third and fourth phases of expansion were started, which meant the addition of new classrooms, a large gymnasium, a computer room and a fully equipped science lab. Marie-Claire Academy is officially the first elementary school with a state-of-the-art science lab!

In 2019, Marie-Claire Academy entered its fifth phase of development with the opening of its high school and since then, has been completely invested in preserving the institution’s tradition of excellence.


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