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Educational Fun Activities During Holidays

31 December 2021

All around the year, our kids spend most of their time relentlessly learning new skills and honing the ones they know, which makes holiday season all the more necessary for them. It’s nice for them to wind down a little, even temporarly. However, many kids end up forgetting the skills they spent so much time learning. To prevent such instances, we have gathered a list of educational fun activities for kids during the holidays. So, if you are ready to help your kids learn new skills and reinforce their already-learned skills, the educational fun activities in this article will help you!


Holiday Arts and Crafting

What can be better than art to keep the kids engaged and learning? One of the many Holiday activities at Académie Marie-Claire is making one of a kind Christmas ornaments. These arts & crafts activities enable the development of children’s visual-processing skills such as pattern recognition, sequence detection and spatial rotation (all of which are required skills in reading and maths). Crafting also stimulates students’ creativity and imagination which can subsequently be applied to other academic activities.   



Fun Mathematics

It is possible to enjoy solving maths problems during the holidays. You can opt for holiday-themed mathematics questions. For instance, you can ask the younger kids to count the cookies, the ornaments on the Christmas tree or the stockings. You can also start cooking with your children. Any maths teacher will tell you that cooking with your children can help them with improving their fundamental maths skills. Kids will learn different measurements such as cups, grams, onze, teaspoons and tablespoons. They’ll also use addition and subtraction as well as fractions. During this holiday season, our students had the opportunity to cook Spaghetti from scratch with Mrs.Marie-Claire Martinand learnt to bake and decorate their own Christmas cookies. 


Learn About Other Cultures 

As our world becomes more diverse, it has become very important to expose kids to different cultures. Children love the holidays and it’s the perfect opportunity to teach them about the myriad of religious and cultural traditions that surround us as well as different winter holidays such as Christmas, St. Lucia Day, Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Mardi Gras, Kwanzaa and Chinese New Year. 

What Is Winter?

While your kids are enjoying the winter season, you can take this opportunity to make it educational for them. For instance, you can help them learn how the earth rotates and what brings on the winter season. Moreover, there are a variety of winter-related activities that can help them learn how winter happens. So, participate in these activities and learn!


Start Reading

The holiday season is the perfect time to start reading books to your children. In fact, you can opt for Christmas or holiday-focused books and read them together with your children. Most local libraries offer a variety of engaging and interactive children’s books. 

Build A Snowman

While it’s hard to have a picnic in the park during colder months, it’s surely possible to build a snowman on snowy days. If possible, you could also take a walk in the woods and let your children explore nature and, since everything will be covered in snow, it will make them more curious. Encouraging them into making a snowman will help them learn about shapes and crafting.


Don’t Forget Geocaching

Holidays are incomplete without some adventure and nothing screams more adventure than geocaching. It’s a fun, yet adventurous activity. One can download the geocaching app, look for the hidden treasure trails, and pack the bags to find them. It will help children learn about latitude and longitudes as well as some basic navigational skills. Even more, it will enhance their mapping and mathematical skills.