At Académie Marie-Claire, science is a core component of all educational programs at every level — kindergarten, elementary school and high school.

Académie Marie-Claire is at the forefront of science and technology. It’s the first elementary school equipped with a state-of-the-art science lab where students can conduct their own experiments.

Access to the latest technology and equipment, to computer language learning and coding, to robotics equipment and more — everything is at the disposal of our students and teachers so that they can go beyond the scope of lesson plans and master science and technology.

Beyond the enriched programs offered at the Academy, the students can direct their own paths in applied sciences thanks to the Young Professionals program that we’ve conceived and implemented at Académie Marie-Claire. This program initiates students into professions like medicine where, for example, they learn how to use their equipment in order to better understand the scope of their responsibilities and professional duties.

These initiatives have been successful, as have our leadership courses and empathy training, that not only come highly recommended but drastically improve interactions.


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