Meet our Montrealer of The Month, Marie Claire Martin

22 September 2021

We at Académie Marie-Claire would like to reflect on the courageous leadership of our founder Marie-Claire Martin. This remarkable woman’s action has created a culture of academic excellence and inclusivity with a kind heart and dedication to her students and staff. Our school had a tremendous advantage when Martin displayed her full character during the pandemic.

Committed to the safety of the students and staff, she increased sanitation efforts to provide a safe environment for students to continue learning at the highest level. And she is a tremendously humble human being. She has a great love for her staff and students, knowing that working together pushes our school forward into new territory. To thank her, our staff put together a candidature for her nomination as Montrealer of the Month to express our high praise for her commitment to the years of work she has put into the school she founded. No one deserves this nomination more.

The caring and motherly instincts of Mrs. Marie-Claire Martin helped to strengthen Académie Marie-Claire through the 2020-2021 school year. And what a year it was. As the pandemic gripped the world in fear, Mrs. Martin displayed what authentic leadership was in an uncertain time with her optimism and courage.
Jacintha Pasquale, a teacher at the academy, speaks of Mrs. Martin’s kindness, determination, work ethic, generosity, and high energy levels. She says Martin is a unique person who truly inspires others.
These are beautiful qualities to have when providing education and leadership in difficult circumstances.

Teacher Nancy Yang also speaks of the energy Mrs. Martin exhibited to achieve the goals of the student and staff. She acknowledges Mrs. Martin’s virility is due to the love she has for a purpose-driven life.
Mrs. Martin’s love for her staff and students is clearly expressed through her guidance and direction.
Monica Ohri, another teacher who works at the academy, adds that Mrs. Martin’s care and energy have been essential to the school’s success. Ohri says Mrs. Martin displayed the strength of a mother and motivated staff and students throughout the year.

Ohri is also responsible for nominating Mrs. Martin for Montrealer of the Month. Martin has had a significant impact on the education community. Even before the pandemic, Martin created a world-class institution that would accept a diverse population and thinking. Teachers and staff of the academy were thrilled about their director’s win for this beautiful recognition.

For Montrealer of the Month, Mrs. Martin was interviewed by Sabrina Marandol, the host of CBC Montreal’s Let’s Go. Upon hearing quotes from teachers and staff, Mrs. Martin broke down into tears during the interview and praised her team, saying they are the best to work with.

Great leaders always acknowledge their teams because they know they could not be good leaders without them.
For more than 20 years, Mrs.Martin has given her heart and soul to the school she founded from its early days as a daycare. She says she wants to make the academy a place where every student has the best educational opportunity.
With teaches like Pasquale, Yang, and Ohri supporting Mrs.Martin, Académie Marie-Claire will continue to provide bright and expanding futures for their students.