In the area of language acquisition, Academie Marie-Claire pioneered the teaching of multiple language options as a choice at the pre-school, kindergarten and primary levels. Spanish, Italian or Mandarin language courses are taught as a third language as early as kindergarten and as part of the regular curriculum. Each child must expand his/her knowledge in a third language. In the area of primary language development, the enriched bilingual program in French and English continues to produce students who surpass their peers in ability and performance by graduation time. This success is true also in other subject matters resulting in students from the Academie representing Canada at competitions of international stature at home as well as abroad.

The wide array of success in academics has promulgated the Academie to a privileged position where it benefits from a special relationship with several High Schools in the Montreal area, all of which recognize the significant accomplishments of its students. Ultimately, Academie students enjoy the benefit of attending their choice of High School.