L’Académie Marie-Claire respects the right to privacy. This privacy policy aims to inform you about the procedures adopted concerning the personal information that you provide via our website.

Our website’s primary mission is to provide information on L’Académie Marie-Claire including, our schools, our services, our areas of expertise, our mission, our employees, our locations and our partners.

Data automatically collected

There are several types of technology that can be used in order to improve the user experience of our website. These methods can entail an automatic collection of data by L’Académie Marie-Claire or by third-party businesses on behalf of us. Generally, the data collected does not allow us to identify you.

Browser Data

When a user visits our website, your browser transmits data to our server. This data is collected and stored internally by L’Académie Marie-Claire or by a third-party business on our behalf. This data can include: the IP address, the URL of the site by which the user enters our site, the date and time of the visit, the pages visited and information on the browser used. We do not collect personal data on our users, unless they decide to provide it by filling out a request for an appointment or another form of written correspondence.

Use of Cookies

On L’Académie Marie-Claire website, cookies may be used in order to make its use simple and efficient. These cookies do not allow us to identify you and do not collect your personal information.
Browsers allow for the use of these cookies by default. You can deactivate this functionality at any time. Please note that by doing this, you run the risk of not being able to use some of our website’s functionalities. You may also manually delete traces of your visit stored in the browser history.

Use of Invisible Pixels

Invisible pixels are integrated into our website and our emails. They are mainly used for statistical analysis. This method can also be used to track and/or measure a behaviour.

Use of Google Analytics

Cybermetrics is a method of collecting and measuring data that allows for the evaluation of user behaviour on a website. L’Académie Marie-Claire mainly uses cybermetric data generated by Google Analytics in order to produce  statistical reports on users’ navigation of its website. The information collected by this tool can be: the pages viewed, the date and time, the frequency and duration of visits, the links clicked, the geographic location, the operating system used, the language, the name of the internet provider and the IP address.
If you refuse the sharing and analysis of information regarding your web browsing, you can ask to oppose this by consulting the Google Analytics website. (https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout)

Use of Ad Retargeting Technology

L’Académie Marie-Claire website uses technological ad retargeting methods. This technology aims to target certain users interested by the content on our website in order to expose them to our ads as they browse the web. Please note that this technique does not allow us to register and store personal information.

Use of Information Transmitted via Email

L’Académie Marie-Claire treats emails at the same level as other written correspondences. The information shared in these communications are strictly confidential.