Parents joining the PAC have a deep respect for Madame Marie-Claire Martin’s lifelong commitment to children’s education—always aiming higher, aiming further.

We consider her a great example of vision, entrepreneurship and heartfelt support of the highest standards for improving the development of children; we value also the safe, healthy, respectful environment provided by the Académie.

Through the years, members of the PAC as well as of the parent body at large, have witnessed Mme. Martin’s efforts through the years, not only in providing challenging educational programs where children are directed towards success, but also, in Madame Martin´s continuing quest for excellence: it’s behind every rose kindly offered on Mothers Day, behind every delicious meal served in the cafeteria and, most spectacularly, behind the grandeur of the Spring Festival, and of the many shows from the parascolaire activities to the graduation celebrations.


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