PAC members volunteer their time in two different ways.

The PAC organizes small-scale fund-raising activities, such as Pajama Days, Mabel Labels Fund-Raising Program and the traditional Bake Sale. These activities help finance recreational events such as the Kermesse and Teacher Appreciation Week, among others.

They also organize social events aimed at creating opportunities where parents and children can meet and strengthen friendly relationships.

The PAC promotes humanitarian activities of diverse interests and various regions, including those benefitting distant groups and countries.

The PAC assists the management team of the Académie in producing and promoting the annually anticipated Yearbook.

Some of the benefits and rewards to volunteering include, but not limited to:

  • The children having fun and appreciating the presence of the parents in their school.
  • Having the opportunity to know better the children, their friends, their classmates.
  • Exemplify the importance of community involvement and giving of oneself to help others.

Some parents might be able to volunteer a couple of hours a day, others might be interested in becoming a member of a sub-committee in charge of a specific event.

Your participation is welcomed.  Please feel free to volunteer for just one or as many activities as you wish. And if you experience any last-minute change of plans, just let us know as early as possible so we can find someone to replace you.

To volunteer, click on the following e-mail address: and you will be contacted.