To aim higher
To aim further

The founding of the Académie is the result of a long trip at the center of which has always prevailed one main motivation: the development of children.

I have begun my career in the education field by opening a kindergarten in a modest environment. It is only with time and effort that I have managed to gather the resources necessary to provide the children with an education as I envisioned it. I have always loved children. The main goal of my career has always been and still is to make a positive difference in their lives.

Born from diplomat parents, I was brought up in a multicultural environment. The learning of four different languages was one of its consequences. This has led me to realize the benefits of the junction of cultural riches and the abolition of the speech barriers. Furthermore, I came to this realization at a time where globalization did not have its current meaning.

The vocation of our institutions is truly international. Children grow in a systematically bilingual environment. Besides we have the privilege of living in a country where all the elements to promote such philosophy and to be a precursor in the world by making our global village viable. With our educational approach, we are proud to contribute to this undertaking.

After their studies in our institutions, the children have done all the activities that can contribute to their development. Their skills were systematically explored, thereby allowing them to leave our school with all the tools they will need to make the right choices when the time for decisions come.

Marie-Claire Martin