The distinction of AMC resides in its philosophy which permeates through the mission, the objectives, the curriculum, social life and all other issues related tto the wellbeing of the student population, staff and parents.

The program at Academie Marie-Claire is departmentalized. Each class and each subject is taught by a “specialist”. The concept of a “Home Room” in its traditional meaning does not exist. This is a fundamental and critical nuance that crystallizes the approach to teaching from preschool to primary. Unique features that form an integral part of the fabric of the Acadmie are noted below are supplemental by:

  • Small class size
  • Departmentalized Program
  • Teacher Specialists
  • Homework/Study Program
  • Extended hours
  • Meals cooked on premise
  • Educational Technology Program (includes preschool and kindergarten)
  • Smartboard in every classroom
  • Personal laptops in upper grades
  • Decentralized library system
  • Electronic research library
  • Reading Program
  • Leadership Program