While the Academie is renowned for its accomplishments in the realm of academics, some noteworthy dates are noted below to give a broader and more varied perspective of achievements since the inception of service. The list is not inclusive.

2018 – Tyndale St. Georges Humanitarian Project
2018 –1st Place Mathematica National Championship for 3rd and 4th grade Class
2018 –3rd Place Mathematica National Championship for 5th grade Class
2018 –2nd Place Mathematica National Championship for 6th grade Class
2018 – 1st Place in Math Championship at Provincial & National Levels for 4th, 5th & 6th Grades
2017 Humanitarian Project for refugee children in Syria
2016 Implementation of Robotics Program
2016 First place Mathematics Quebec Provincial Champions 3 grade & 4th grade
2016 First place Mathematics Quebec Provincial Champions 5 grade & 6th grade
2016 4th time winner of National Mathematic Championship
2016 4th time Representing Canada at International Mathematic Championship in
2016 Provincial Champions of Mathematica Competition in Quebec
2016 Humanitarian projects on behalf of Fort McMurray
2015 Dedicated to Art Room
2015 Dedicated Music Room
2015 Implementation of BOKS Program
2015 Contributions to the rebuilding of Nepal
2014 Implementation of special training for Hockey Program
2014 National Math Champions
2014 Provincial Math Championships
2013 Assistance in the creation of a school for the children in Tanzania, AFRICA, completed
2012 Construction of an orphanage school in Haiti completed
2012 In the past 5 years, Académie Marie-Claire had 73 national finalists, 3 participants to the world finals in Paris,
and won first prize 5 times
2012 The only primary school which qualified in the national Math competition; additionally, seven of our students
qualified for the finals
2011 Provincial Math champions
2011 National Math Champions
2010 Partnership with La fondation Père Dehoux for the earth quake victims in Haiti
2010 La fondation Académie Marie-Claire is established
2010 Expansion of kindergarten classes
2009 Construction of Science Lab
2009 Art Scholarship from Le Conseille des arts de lettres
2009 Humanitarian Relief Fund established
2008 High School Affiliate Link established
2008 Technology in Every Classroom established
2008 Canadian Contemporary Art Award
2007 AMC Scholarship Fund established
2007 Expansion of Sport Program
2007 CIMS established
2006 International Championship in Mathematics (the only school in Canada with that distinction)
1993 Excellence Award
1990 Daycare Opening
1987 Excellence Award (Les Amours de Marie-Claire)