Academie Marie-Claire accommodates parents by offering modality payment choices. For the benefit of the viewer, the tax incentives are also noted so that the reader may see the real cost of attending Academie Marie-Claire.

See below to print out the form and fees for elementary school:

Fees – Primary School: 2019-2020

Académie Marie-Claire
Fee Schedule Details

Tuition Fees – Though cost for general services increased a minimum of 2.5% this year and are due to increase by another 2.5%, minimum, next year, the tuition for the academic year 2016-2017 reflects a 1.3% increased. This fee supports the standards and quality of the material, staffing and resources placed at the disposition of students and parents.

Science & Technology – This fee provides the financial support enabling integration of technology in the curriculum and the costs for hardware, software, laptops, development, interactive white boards, multimedia equipment, science equipment and laboratory, repairs and other charges associated with science and technology.

Maintenance & Upkeep – The fund covers costs related to on-going capital needs improvement and betterment.

School Contribution – The school contribution is a one-time fee applicable per family. The fee supports the various facets of service that allow the Académie to operate successfully. These include, but are not limited to, resources in personnel, additional classroom items, as well as library, reference and resource material.

La fondation Académie Marie-Claire – When monies from any of the above become insufficient, the difference is sustained by the foundation. This also includes, but is not limited to, building improvements, construction, and expansion.