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Le temps des vacances ou de l’école à la maison?

À l’Académie Marie-Claire, école primaire privée située dans l’ouest de Montréal, les enseignants donnent maintenant leur cours par vidéoconférence. « L’élève peut voir son professeur et le tableau. Aussi, toute la classe peut communiquer avec le professeur. C’est comme une vraie classe, mais virtuelle », indique Henry Zephirin, directeur de l’établissement de 450 élèves.


Good afternoon Ms. Jyoti.

I wanted to just send a short message to commend the Administration and the teachers for the tremendous efforts you have made, and continue to make, to ensure that our children’s education and lives are not negatively impacted by the pandemic.

I want to applaud you for the excellent work that has been done to organize the online classes and school schedules for the children.  Charlotte is happy to see her friends and teachers everyday.   She is able to move forward with her classes and her work, which is incredible especially considering the circumstances.  Knowing that the efforts you have made will not negatively impact their education is a huge relief.

Thank you all very much for your tireless efforts and support to the children and their education.

Stay healthy and safe!!


Good afternoon,

…. I would like to give you our perspective on Sarah Turcotte.

She is leading an afternoon class for Kindergarten and it is amazing!  She is so patient, well organized, I would almost say mesmerizing for the kids. All of the kids are participating and giving great answers. Ms. Turcotte has prepared a terrific, well organized and amazing program, speaking clearly and with enthusiasm. Her slides and prepared materials are colorful, engaging and draw the attention of all of the kids.

She is amazing at controlling zoom, calling on students to make sure no one is left out, muting participants to make sure that the class is easier for everyone to understand.

We are so pleased with Ms. Turcotte and with the Académie for offering this program to extend the fine educational experience my daughters are giving!

A big thank you also to all the Grade 2 dauphins teachers and the kindergarten French teachers for this wonderful program.

Thank you,



Dear Ms. Jyoti & School Administration,

I hope all of you are doing well and keeping healthy in these trying times, we will get over this together! As we have always felt a part of AMC family 🙂

Anaiha seems so encouraged and happy to see her teachers and friends , I cannot praise you all enough for this commendable effort from our school !

Being an educator myself , I truly believe that the philosophy of the school to give this opportunity to our kids is a blessing we recognize and praise!

Anaiha prayed today for her school and her classes in the morning 🙏 which showed her small mind recognizes and is grateful for this effort !

Please pass on our support and blessings to all school administration !

Warm Regards

Marcel , Manika & Anaiha


Dear principal,

Good morning!
I’m Michael’s mother. He is in grade 6 and welcome class.
We are very appreciative of you and teachers having video conferences with our children to continue learning at home. Thanks for your hard work, my dear principal and teachers!

Beginning two days of school closed last week, Michael’s life became chaotic, he didn’t study and had no opportunity to communicate with others in English and French. We were very anxious as parents.

Since the online courses, Michael’s life becomes very regular. He can get up early, attend class and review on time. He has a French and English environment every day. He becomes active happy. Amazing!
More words of praise could not express our gratitude for you and teachers. My friends told me that the parents of other schools are very envious of how we can have such a good school.  We are so proud of AMC.
Now, our children are already used to online lessons. We hope not to reduce class hours for the children of the welcome class. Please give them more class time to keep our children enthusiastic about learning and the French/English language environment. Please think about it. We have very appreciative of you anyway.
Thank you very much! Have a good day!

Warmest regards,

(Name of Parent)



Dear Headmaster,

As a parent, I want to express my appreciation for all the efforts that AMC has done for our kids!

I sincerely thank the school for quickly launching online classes for students in the face of the nationwide suspension of classes. Last week my child has to experience the fun of the classroom online, he enjoyed it, thank you all!

(Name of Parent)



Hope you are doing well despite these scary days ahead of us. Firstly, I’d like to say what an amazing job you are all doing! I’ve been in touch with some teachers and they are letting me in on what the academie has accomplished with such little time and it’s incredible!!

I am also sending this message to let you know that I am here if you need help with anything at all..I am confined to my home and willing to help with anything that is needed!  Please keep that in mind in these moments!

Sending all my very best and please stay safe!

(Name of Staff member on Maternity Leave)


Hi Henry,

Thanks so much to the amazing teachers for adapting to the situation. I think the kids are really enjoying this form of learning  ( I know Lianna is), and it is a great comfort to know they won’t lose the rest of the school year. I, for one, also enjoyed the opportunity to be able to observe our children learning from a distance and seeing first hand the great work that the teachers are doing. (I always wished I could observe what goes on in the classroom, and now the classroom is in my living room,  so gives me an opportunity to do so!!) Let’s just hope this will all blow over before the graduation ceremony!

Everyone stay healthy and safe!

With great appreciation,

Dr. (Name of Parent)



Merci beaucoup de votre initiative de continuer l’école en ligne. C’est plus que continuer l’education. L’organisation de cours quotidiennement pousse les familles de s’organiser, de planifier ses journées, de garder l’attachement à la routin normale. Ce diminue la peur et la panique. Ce donne l’espoire que tout va bien aller.

Merci beaucoup encore milles fois.

Avec grande amour et respect.

Proteger vous.

Bonne santé à vous tous et vos familles.

(Nome du parent)