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The testimonials come from parents and, in some instances, may come from our students. The comments are voluntary. For security reasons, the names of the students have been omitted. The name of the parents are not included as part of our school policy. All of the documents are on file attesting to the legitimacy and authenticity of the writing.

Oleg, Catherine and Yegor are doing good . They miss Academie very much and always bring it as an example to their friends and teachers. Oleg especially miss your school, his classmates, teachers, you, and Elizabeth. He is hoping to return in the nearest future, and is adjusting very hard to his new school.
Please, say hello and many hugs from our families to the teachers, classmates and the day care team. Academie Marie-Claire left only warm and enjoyable memories and always will be the best school for our families! (Original letter on file)

We chose Academie Marie Claire because of its reputation as an environment where children were supported, nurtured and loved. My girls are making extraordinary progress because of the teachers, ... the administration: especially Jyoti, Steven ... the leadership of Mr Zephrin: who has never passed up an opportunity to inquire on the status of our family and offer words of wisdom and support to both me and the girls. No matter how busy, he finds the time to address every concern ... finally on Marie-Claire herself: for having the vision to create such a precious environment where children, no matter what is happening outside the walls of the school, can find a loving nurturing home where they feel safe to be everything they could possibly dream to be. (Original letter on file)

"Where do I begin? ... You have no idea how happy my husband and I are that (name of child) is enjoying school...the activities you plan, the friendships you help her foster - - it's all incredible. ... You've helped build the foundation for improved academic achievement, focus, confidence, determination and social interactions. will help her for the rest of her life. I ... will be forever grateful." (Original letter on file)

"I would like to extend this letter of appreciation to Académie Marie-Claire for providing such a qualified and caring team ...From the first day ... I have felt comfortable leaving my children ... 'knowing' their safety was top priority. ...has played an instrumental part in developing the security my children feel in the company of others, and has given them a solid base of discipline and trust to carry with them." (Original letter on file)

"... I was apprehensive ... However, I was consistently impressed with the dedication and effort [put towards my child] ... level of maturity grew in leaps and bounds. .. (name of child) became extremely confident and outgoing, demonstrating advanced level of empathy, polite behavior, honesty and trust. ... The love and care that is genuinely present at every moment makes me so grateful. In speaking with other parents, I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. ... I am forever thankful for such an enlightening experience, showing what's possible when exceptional people love their work. " (original letter on file)

" We made a choice for our children, Académie Marie-Claire in Kirkland, a private educational establishment. Why? Some of us have had a bad experience with both public and others with private schools. Our choice of Académie Marie-Claire was greatly motivated, not due to the fact that is was a private school but, mainly because it offers a stimulating environment for children. The teaching staff and the director integrated elements of the reform all in keeping a well proven and approved teaching method. A method that is said traditional with justified success time after time... In fact, we have realized that our children take more pride in their work and are developing their self esteem in a context that aims towards excellence. " (original letter on file)

" I couldn't have ended this year ..., without expressing my gratitude and admiration that I have... I see my children fully express themselves, having learned French, English, Spanish, Math ... The quality of teaching is worthy of its mentions. My kids learned to write French and to speak it with exactitude. They know the grammar rules more than I do, and I went to public school without to ensure my integration. ... my gratitude is infinite. I hope to see an expansion in your school's future projects." (original letter on file)

"I just wanted to take a minute to absolutely thank you for taking the time to meet with me yesterday. After leaving your office, I felt a huge burden lifted ... At the start, I was worried about her entry into grade X, because of the personal dreadness she had conveyed to me ... This is no longer the case ... the teachers she most dreaded have been patient, supportive and even confident in the children's abilities to succeed ... Lastly, I must convey my gratitude for your wonderful "balanced" perspective on any school issues that I have come to you with over the years. You have a blessed way of listening, empathizing and making people feel as though their "issues" are as important to you as they are to them ... many of us (parents) have felt more hopeful and positive in situations that may have otherwise left us feeling helplessly frustrated." (original letter on file)

"You have no idea how happy my husband and I are that (name of child) is enjoying school; it was not easy for us to send (name of child) to school but seeing what a ball she's having makes it a really pleasure and we know we have you to thank for that. You helped build the foundation and improved academic achievement, focus, confidence, determination and social interaction. The impact of your help is very significant and it will help her for the rest of her life. I truly can't thank you enough and will forever be grateful." (original letter on file)