All of the summer camp fees are tax deductible. A receipt to that effect will be given.

6th Annual AMC Summer Sports & Arts Camp: Summer Camp Adventures

We invite you to spend summer days of fun and enjoyment filled with adventures arousing curiosity, improving athleticism, and enticing learning. Our summer program is the only one specifically designed for young, kindergarten and elementary school aged children with staff selected for their expertise matching the above.

The Summer Camp Adventures is divided into five strands of adventures: Adventures in Sports, Adventures in Media and Animation, Adventures in Arts & Entertainment, Adventures in Learning, Adventures Around the World.

Adventures in Sports (Week 1 & 9)

is designed to bring out and improve the athlete in your child. Regardless of his/her level, skills and technical abilities will be improved. This is done in a fun way where collegiality, and friendships are nurtured. Focus is on promoting individual discipline as much as it is on promoting a team spirit. Children are provided with the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports such as Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Dodge ball, Cricket, among others. Activities are planned according to the age and level of each individual.

Adventures in Robotics (Weeks 3 & 4)

The Adventurs in Robotics program offers activities that teach high-value STEM content as well as opportunities to powerfully address effective ways to foster essential work skills like collaboration, problem solving and project management. It does all this while keeping participants inspired, motivated and engaged. Design and construction, basic circuitry and programming are among the additional skills that will be developed. This is a must for everyone!

Adventures in Media (Weeks 5 & 6)

This is a "Wow!!! I can't believe I did it", moment for the participants. The group will discover how filmmakers make cartoons and how they bring them to life on the film screens and on television. At the end of the week, a short animated film will be produced and participants will be able to bring their film home and share this with parents, other family members and friends.

Tennis (Weeks 5 & 6)

This tennis training program meets the demands of an all-round physically challenging, individual sport. The program focuses on basic drills (i.e. backhand, top-spin, footwork, among others) that can help any player improve his/her game. Some of the drills are just general fun tennis drills, others are hard-core tennis practice drills for players. Time will also be dedicated to match play and tactical strategies.

In addition to the above, other sports such as Dodgeball, Tug of War, swimming, will also be introduced, among others. We are waiting for you!

Adventures in Arts (Weeks 7 & 8)

In this series of adventures, participants will be exposed to different mediums of arts and crafts as well as cooking. In the arts component, children will get creative with a new theme every day. Participants will have fun making a masterpiece and experimenting with new art forms. In the cooking section, children will be immersed into the global influence of each country by cooking a gastronomic meal characteristic. This is an energized, fun and spirited adventure certain to delve the children in the heart of the countries' culture.

So, come make new friends, become a better athlete, unleash your creativity, learn how to make learning fun, and learn new cultures. It's an adventure the children will remember, always....

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