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Preschool at Academie Marie-Claire reflects the philosophy at the Academie and is an extension of the love, nurturing, warmth and safety found at home. Youngsters are welcomed each day by passionate staff members whose mission it is to brighten each child's mind, heart and spirit. The emphasis is on educating the whole child and to lead the child to become a lifelong learner.

Cognitive, social, and language skills are introduced laying the foundation of skills needed for a fruitful learning experience. Activity centers serve to instill self-confidence, practice decision-making in each center and build self-reliance.

Computer skills are introduced and the curriculum is reinforced through a myriad of enrichment activities allowing your child to receive all of the kindergarten readiness skills necessary.
Exposure to real-world learning experiences stimulate the brain. Cooking, block building, dramatic play, swimming, skiing, lab work, painting, music, dancing, exposure to the Arts and field trips are among some of the activities that enable the child's emotional, social, physical and intellectual being to surface -- while at the same time, the child's integrity as learner, teacher, and classmate is valued and reinforced.