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Academie Marie-Claire adheres to the purposes of basic, traditional educational programs: instilling a love for learning, developing comprehensive language skills; nurturing an appreciation for the sciences and the Arts; gaining appreciation for sports and athletics. These are nurtured daily in a warm, secure and safe environment at Academie Marie-Claire.

Students at Academie Marie-Claire are encouraged to be creative, to think critically, and to express their ideas and thoughts feely. The diversity of the student population and staff promotes team work and builds a cooperative spirit where personal responsibility for one’s actions is required.

Awareness of issues beyond the walls of the Academie are introduced, discussed and debated. Self-reliance and independence as well as a collective impact on the community at large are promoted. Thus, life-long learning skills having wide social implications are fostered. The intent is always to “Aim Further, Aim Higher” so that the Academie cultivates future leaders sensitive to the needs of others – leaders whose ultimate purpose is to improve society and give life a purpose larger than oneself.