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The mission of Academie Marie-Claire is to enrich the lives of students by providing them with a warm, caring and safe environment where opportunities for growth prevail, where exposure to knowledge is plentiful and where they can  develop as leaders and contributing members of the larger community.

  • We value and affirm the mission of the Academie through Service  by playing a major role in the lives of our students and by helping them reach their goals.
  • We value and affirm the efforts of our colleagues and students through Respect by conducting and addressing our colleagues, students and parents in a matter that is courteous and respectful.
  • We value and affirm the need to effectuate positive change in ourselves and in this world by accepting Personal Responsibility for our actions and their outcomes.
  • We value and affirm the importance of nurturing a culture of collegiality through Team Building and appreciating the diversity of this world while underscoring the Individuality of each person as well as the unique contributions and worth of others.
  • We value and affirm the importance of fostering in students a sense of obligation towards others through Leadership and Public Service by providing to staff, students and those implicated the proper environment, conditions and value system to contribute to the welfare of society.