AMC promotes acquisition of knowledge, promulgates the advancement of education, and offers the support necessary for students to reach their full potential.

Towards these ends, Académie Marie-Claire encourages students to engage in discourse and to respect divergent ideas and thoughts; to excel academically and support each other's capabilities; to pursue excellence in the spirit of productive cooperation; and, to take a leadership role in contributing to the improvement of our community and of this world.

Respect, courtesy and diligence are the cornerstones upon which the philosophy of Académie Marie-Claire is entrenched. It is a philosophy that calls for total commitment and dedication by its staff for one single purpose, and one single purpose alone, offering a warm, supportive, rich and caring environment where self-reliance and habits of lifelong learning are built. The ultimate goal of this philosophy is to foster in students a love for learning, to promote understanding and to serve society. more

April 2017

English Book Fair
The English Books Fiar raised over $6000K. The benefit goes to purchase educational material from Scholastic.MORE

Jump for Heart 2017
Students participate in health related activities.MORE

Spring Festival 2017
Students showcase their talent to the delight of parents and staff.MORE

Pajamas day
A relaxing and fun day for all.MORE

Happy birthday Mme Martin
A joyful celebration that is well deserved.MORE

March 2016

Fondue 2017
The culmination of the ski season finds everyone already looking towards next year's event.MORE

Académie Marie-Claire opens its doors to all children. Driving factors for acceptance and entry is the child`s curiosity and his her potential to contribute to the well-being of others. While the following varies depending on level and grade, the following outlines the application process and what is needed:

  • Completed and signed application form
  • Completed payment-plan application form.
  • Visa or immigration document (where applicable)
  • Vaccination Health booklet
  • Copy of insurance card
  • Copy of birth Certificate
  • Copy of report card (at appropriate grade level for current and previous year)
  • Personal informative session with the Director of Admissions
  • Completion of school tour
  • Meeting with the Pedagogic Counselor
  • Personal meeting with the Director
Please call us at 514-697-9995 and we will help you get started with the admissions process.

While the Académie is renowned for its accomplishments in the realm of academics, some noteworthy dates are noted below to give a broader and more varied perspective of achievements since the inception of service. The list is not inclusive.

2017 Humanitarian Project for refugee children in Syria
2016 Implementation of Robotics Program
2016 First place Mathematics Quebec Provincial Champions 3 grade & 4th grade
2016 First place Mathematics Quebec Provincial Champions 5 grade & 6th grade
2016 4th time winner of National Mathematic Championship
2016 4th time Representing Canada at International Mathematic Championship in
2016 Provincial Champions of Mathematica Competition in Quebec
2016 Humanitarian projects on behalf of Fort McMurray
2015 Grand opening of Art Room
2015 Grand opening of Music Room
2015 Humanitarian project on behalf Nepal
2013 Matematica - Provincial Championship
2012 In the past 5 years, Académie Marie-Claire had 73 national
finalists, 3 participants to the world finals in Paris, and won
first prize 5 times
2012 The only primary school which qualified in the national Math
competition; additionally, seven of our students qualified for
the finals
2011 Provincial Math champions
2011 National Math Champions
2010 Partnership with La fondation Père Dehoux for the earthquake
victims in Haiti
2010 La fondation Académie Marie-Claire is established
2010 Expansion of kindergarten classes
2009 Construction of Science Lab
2009 Art Scholarship from Le Conseille des arts de lettres
2009 Humanitarian Relief Fund established
2008 High School Affiliate Link established
2008 Technology in Every Classroom established
2008 Canadian Contemporary Art Award
2007 AMC Scholarship Fund established
2007 Expansion of Sport Program 
2007 CIMS established
2006 International Championship in Mathematics (the only school
in Canada with that distinction)
1993 Excellence Award
1990 Daycare Opening
1987 Excellence Award (Les Amours de Marie-Claire)

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