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The name Marie-Claire is associated with first-class educational facilities that service children at the pre-school, kindergarten and primary level education. Knowledge of childhood developmental theory coupled with an enriched bilingual curriculum as well as the presence of the BEST educational professionals, enables the students enables the students to reach their full potential.

Click HERE for an overview video of the Corporation and the services offered.

Governance at Academie Marie-Claire is established at the level of the Board Members, 2) School Committees, 3) Parent Advisory Committee, and 4) the student body.

1) Academie Board Members
The board members ensure that the policies of the Academie are consonant with its philosophy and its mission.

2) School Committees
Through the various school committees, administrative, instructional, parent, among others, pertinent issues are introduced, discussed and reviewed leading to decisions that impact on improving the standards and quality of service provided to our target population as well as benefit the broader community.

3) Parent Involvement
The Parent Advisory Committee is a school based initiative that provides an opportunity for parents to enter into a partnership with the school for the purpose of improving the academic performance, ameliorating the social interaction and enhancing the emotional well-being of students.

Members of the Parent Advisory Committee play a consultative role in helping the Academie excel in meeting its goals and objectives.

Ultimately, the Parent Advisory Committee has as its main purpose the objective of promoting positive, working relationships between, and among, students, staff and the wider community.

The range and depth of expertise reflected in the personnel housed at Academie Marie-Claire is as extensive as is the diversity of its staff. Extensive search lead to recruitment of staff members dedicated to building young leaders who will help shape the future. Each staff member, regardless of his/her position has a role in creating and sustaining a culture of academic excellence and social responsibility.